Anti-Slip Floor Treatments
How long will the Anti Slip Treatment last on a bath?
      This treatment can be used on Enamel and Porcelain baths and will last up to 5 years when maintained properly. We would recommend that you use our water based after care cleaners as they enhance the Anti Slip treatments.
  How does the Anti Slip treatments work?  
       This treatment is a water based, low odour, colourless liquid that reacts with the silica in the surface of the stone and creates a ‘invisible tread’. Used on hard mineral surfaces such as Ceramic, Granite, Marble, Concrete, Slate, Porcelain etc.
  World-Wide Usage:  
       Our water based treatments will increase the coefficient of friction on floors when wet by reacting with the silica in the floor surface or by penetrating the surface and forming an invisible barrier that is resilient to moisture and stains. However high gloss the floor is, such as Marble, Granite, Ceramics or Porcelain our treatments will not alter there appearance.
  Can you carry out a trial/demonstration on our floor?  
        YES. We will visit your location and discuss the problems you have and advise you on the appropriate treatments/coating. We can also carry out a trial on a small area of the floor so you can see the effects of the treatment.  
  Can I send you a sample of the floor?  
        YES. You can send us a sample of the floor and we will carry out tests to find the appropriate treatment or coating and send it back by return.  
  What if someone slips over after I have had the floor treated?  
      You will never stop someone slipping over. But if you can provide evidence of due diligence by way of a paper trail that you have increased the slip resistance of your floor when wet and it is up to the HSE required levels then this will be a major consideration to any compensation claim.
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